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Livin' in Loriville

I come to the book drinking pub (library) to update you imaginary people on my status.

I have moved to Louisville, KY to be with my true love Lori. Our now real life relationship has been fantastic.

While here I have made money :) & spent most of it too :(
I have no job at the moment which is tretcherous when not living with your parents. I currently live in the basement of a house of Lori's dad.

Piemerica.. oh yes.. Piemerica!
The bandwidth of the site somehow was all used up in December so now it is gone & I have no internet access at home so I can'tst do anything about it. There are many new things ready for the site when it does come back oh yes & more shall come as time goes off.

I must go now for the seat belts are calling my name..

Tags: book drinking, friday, job, lori, louisville,, quotes
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