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Highlights from Gnostic Writing Excerpts that Don't Suck! [May. 18th, 2013|04:17 pm]

Read the full post here Gnostic Writing Excerpts that Don't Suck!

The Son reveals the Father so that through the compassion of the Father people may know him & end their wearying search for the Father and rest themselves in him, knowing that He is rest.

When you are unified with the Father you are complete. Those who do not know the Father are incomplete but when they know the Father, incompleteness, from that moment on, will cease to exist. As one's ignorance disappears when he gains knowledge, and as darkness disappears when light appears, so also incompleteness is eliminated by completeness. You understand yourself when you understand your unity with the Father.

God came and destroyed the division and he brought love.

They have not been deprived of the glory of the Father nor have they thought of Him as small, nor bitter, nor angry, but as absolutely good, unperturbed, & sweet.

Faith receives, love gives. No one will be able to receive without faith. No one will be able to give without love.

If you fear the flesh it will gain mastery over you.

Through the Holy Spirit we are indeed begotten. We are anointed through the Spirit. When we were begotten, we were united.

The law was the tree of knowledge. It has power to give the knowledge of good and evil. It neither removes from evil, nor does it set men in the good, but it creates death for those who eat of it.

Blessed is the wise man who sought after the truth, and when he found it, he rested upon it forever and was unafraid of those who wanted to disturb him.

Why are you asking me to hear you? I am Jesus Christ who is with you forever.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the author of our rest.

It is by being born again that [lives] will be saved. And this is due not to rote phrases or to professional skills or to book learning. Rather it is the grace & gift of the [Father]. The Father is good and loves humanity, and he hears the soul that calls upon him and sends it the light of salvation.

He who has found the life-giving word, and he who has come to know the Father of Truth, has come to rest; he has ceased seeking, having found.

The Father is ever full of ineffable joy. They are all at rest in him, ever rejoicing in ineffable joy, over the unchanging glory and the measureless jubilation of the Father. The kingdom of the Son of Man is full of ineffable joy and unchanging jubilation, ever rejoicing in ineffable joy over their imperishable glory. They ever delight themselves on account of their glory that does not change, and the rest that is not measured. He will speak all these things to you joyously and in pure knowledge.

The blind ones are always being slaves of law and earthly fear.

The Father is in fatherhood and motherhood and brotherhood and sisterhood and wisdom.

Present the knowledge of incorruption from the spiritual union. [If you] do not know it, [it is] because the fleshly cloud overshadows [your mind].

Do not flee from the divine and the teaching which are within you, for He who is teaching you loves you very much.

A foolish man puts on shame like a garment of sorrow.

[Partake in] your divine nature. Regard Christ, this true friend, as a good teacher.

Know your birth. Know yourself.

The Adversary casts into your heart evil thoughts as good ones and godlessness as great godliness. He casts false knowledge into your heart

Entrust yourself to God as father and as friend.

It is necessary to know God as he is. You cannot know God through anyone except Christ, who has the image of the Father, for this image reveals the true likeness in correspondence to that which is revealed.

Do not cease walking in the way of Christ. Walk in it so that you may receive rest from your labors. If you walk in another way, there will be no profit in it.

Christ has exalted man to become like God, not in order that he might bring God down to man, but that man might become like God.

Christ is an emanation of the pure glory of the Almighty. He is the spotless mirror of the working of God, and he is the image of his goodness. He watches over all. He is troubled on behalf of everyone, and he rejoices and also mourns. He wishes to have compassion on everyone.

Jesus made all the darkness of death flee by the brightness of his majesty & has broken the strong depths of the prisons, and let out the prisoners and loosed them that were bound. And all that were sighing in torment do rejoice. The captives which never could be joyful now threaten the powers of darkness.

From the beginning until this day they have despaired of life and salvation, BUT NOW none of their usual roarings are heard, neither do any groan, nor is there any sign of tears upon the face of any of them.

What God is like you, O Lord, taking away iniquity and removing sins? And now you withhold your wrath for a testimony that your are merciful of free will, and you do have mercy on us, your remove all our iniquities and have sunk all our sins in the depths of the sea, as you swore unto our fathers in the days of old.

Read the full post here Gnostic Writing Excerpts that Don't Suck!
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My Thoughts of God 2/7/13 [Feb. 7th, 2013|05:30 pm]

  • God is love means God loves you.
  • The desire to be loved by God & to know Him is the greatest desire & it leads us to salvation. The problem comes when we think we have to perpetually meet requirements to continue to get tastes of His love.
  • Without experiencing His love first there is no presidence for us to think we are obligated to live a life of serving & giving things up. If we don't see Him "first love us" we aren't "following Christ." Jesus said to "love as He has loved us" & He didn't even tell the disciples to do that until the night of His arrest because by that point He had loved them for a couple of years.
  • Salvation is not you giving your life to God. It is God giving His eternal life to you.
  • If you want everyone to like you remember this, Jesus was actually perfect & yet people killed Him! He found His value & identity in what Our Father says & thinks of Him. If you're still trying to get acceptance from somewhere else that means you have ignorance about God's love for you. If you are ignorant of or unsatisfied with the love that you have you will never be content.

  • When the bible says God will reprove/rebuke you it means to correct you, to lead you out of falsehood. Untwisting lies from your beliefs removes the mental clouds hindering our focus on Christ.
  • You're not the Holy Spirit so you can't take bible verses & say this is what everyone should be doing without knowing the people or their journey's with God. Some can have that momentous moment & spread love right away. Others need God to untwist them from many things first. That's not your call just because you have some scriptures you think back it up. That is the Father's call because He knows His children.
  • It is not up to you to decide when your brother or sister should be doing something, it is up to the Father who knows them better than you ever could & knows them better than they know themselves.
  • I think having a "men/boys" & even a "mature/immature" paradigm can cause you to devalue people.
  • Jesus said by your love for one another people will know you are my disciples. Love is the proof.

  • The bottom line to the religion I came out of wasn't about knowing God or His love more, it was about memorizing bible verses & gradually sinning less. That type of religion doesn't need a living God or even a real God to sustain itself. All it needs is a book & someone frequently telling you what things are considered sin.
    • I'm not at all saying that scripture is bad or useless. I'm saying that mere memorization didn't mean squat because it wasn't done to know God more, it was done to make me feel better about myself in regards to God or to simply add knowledge to my head because we're supposed to "know it all."
    • I'm not against memorizing scripture. My point is that measuring sticks that are given out for our relationship with God such as appearing to sin less & being able to recite verses from memory don't even require a relationship with God. Myself & others were given things to measure the "relationship" that don't even require a relationship. And I don't think we should be measuring at all.
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My Thoughts of God 2/4-6/13 [Feb. 6th, 2013|05:30 pm]

  • While grace is empowering, grace is not power. Grace is an opinion, its is favor, it is God's opinion of you. Grace is God's never ending disposition of loving kindness towards you.
  • Jesus is the I AM & the Omega. He is the Be-all, End-all.
  • Religion sets up winners & losers in a Kingdom supposed of equals. We are equal & we are all winners because Christ has already won.
  • I believe the word sin itself is a condemning word that makes you feel guilt. I think over time when you've seen & been reminded again & again of just how much Jesus has taken care of & freed you from sin you'll stop feeling guilty & start feeling victorious when you hear the word sin.
  • Give up your fear of sinning.
  • If I am not under the law where am I? Am I against the law? No. I am above the law, seated with Christ in heavenly realms.
  • Graceless religion causes people to see themselves & others as walking bundles of issues needing to be fixed.
  • I don't throw the label of sin on myself or others. I know it is a shaming & condeming word. I also know I have full biblical presidence to not have to label people with sin either.

  • The meanings of the words "good" & "evil" in the OT Hebrew mean "functional" & "dysfunctional." We could also say good is "healthy" and "life giving" while evil is "unhealthy" or "life taking."
  • I've become very interested in the meanings of words. It mostly came from realizing that I only had vague ideas about what certain words meant. We use words & phrases & quote bible verses having a vague idea of their meanings but rarely step back & say "what does this mean?" Sorta like how I can know all the lyrics to a song yet never once stop to think about what the words mean. Even after a few years I still find myself saying, "I've never thought about what this word or verse means."
    • The most impacting discovery as far as word meaning goes is that the words faith & believe both mean trust. That opened my eyes to the relational realities all over scripture. Trust is something you put into someone else based on their trustworthiness. It drove home to me so much more than the concept of believe (holding an idea to be true) or faith (mustered up confidence). Trust just makes it clear that it is about Jesus & knowing Him.
    • I find that synonyms for more common words can touch my heart in different ways than the religious concepts we've been sold. It is easy to gloss over things & not think about them.
  • I think we really learn from the Holy Spirit when we start questioning things & thinking them over & searching for something that touches the heart more than it simply adds to the head.
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2/1/13 Notes [Feb. 1st, 2013|05:30 pm]
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  • Many people confuse God not contradicting Himself with God not contradicting our interpretation, understanding, or opinion of what is said in the Bible. -Bart Breen
  • Christianity in general has taught us to avoid living in the present & to do nothing but dream of the future or regret the past. -Darin Hufford
  • You cannot have intimacy unless you are living in the moment.
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My Thoughts of God 1/25,27/13 [Jan. 27th, 2013|11:55 pm]
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  • Why should I strive against sin when Christ has already given the victory over it?
  • Hebrews 10:2 says that when people know they have been cleansed they "no longer have a consciousness of sins." It also says that Jesus' sacrifice cleanses us one time for all time. That is what happens in 1 John 1:9. It is the first & only cleansing when a person is saved. It does not point to Christians forcing themselves to be conscious of the sins that God has forgotten. I used to think confession & forgiveness was a beautiful balance but it is not biblical for Christians to confess sins to God & it is not best. It is infinitely more beautiful to live without charging & counting ourselves with sins.
  • Bottom line:  If you're sin conscious you think God is sin conscious.
  • While people love to hold onto religion at all costs the one thing I've seen that people hold onto even tighter is their sin. Sin is the one thing that Christians are always praying that God would deliver them from. Yet when someone tells them that He already has delivered them they refuse to believe it.

    Some don't actually know God. Sin consciousness is their god. Their testimony has nothing to do with knowing God, it only pertains to how they sin less or keep the law better. They think their feelings of guilt & shame are God's conviction. They don't need God to follow the religion of Christianity & in fact they don't have Him.
  • A preacher asking a crowd of Christians "Are you right with God?" Is just like asking a child, "Are you sure you're right with your daddy? Are you sure he's not mad at you for something you've done?" Both are a SICK way to undermine someone's relationship with their father. SICK!
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1/25/13 Notes [Jan. 25th, 2013|05:30 pm]
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  • When we find our inner value in our performance rather than in our position as a son or daughter of God, things become lethal.
  • You are already pleasing to God just because of who you are, just because of your very existence. As a father I can speak to this, I can look at any one of my kids at any time & I am instantly pleased when they are just sitting there doing nothing." -Darin Hufford
    • I agree! Just the fact that Melody exists is fantastic. Everything else is just icing & she is as icy as it gets!
  • Being a son or daughter, why would that take any work? Do my kids have to work to be my son or daughter? No, they just are. Its who they are. Just accepting that alone is all that is required of them. Once I boiled everything down to believing in God & believing that I'm ok I could relax & just be. Even if I do something really bad I honestly don't come crying & repenting & "Forgive me!" I don't even do that. I just forget it & move on. -Darin Hufford
  • Let sin go. Don't pray about it. Don't talk about it. Don't think about it. Don't slip it under a microscope & try to analyze it & look at it. Don't ask forgiveness for it. Drop it, don't even bring it up again. Don't even touch it. Don't do anything about it. Just let it go & move on. -Aimee Dassele
    • This is a great description on not being sin conscious. I agree 100%. I've been living like this for over a year & it works. God occupies your mind instead of guilt.
  • Religion has taught us to not live from our hearts. That makes about as much sense as bringing a bunch of people into a room & saying, "We're going to post a list of words we want you to read but first of all we're gonna gouge your eyes out." It doesn't even make sense. It is the same as the religious world saying, "Don't trust your heart" but also saying "we want you to know God." How can you do that? That makes no sense what so ever. Its the silliest thing in the world -Darin Hufford
  • When you look at religious history & you look at what happened to the church it is almost impossible to know God based on what was established & what has continued up until this day. -Aimee Dassele
  • You can't convince people period. -Wayne Jacobsen
  • If we learn to love others the way we've been loved by God the whole world is going to know who Jesus is.
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My Thoughts of God 1/20-22/13 [Jan. 22nd, 2013|05:30 pm]

  • You can't love God with all your heart, mind, soul, & strength by thinking, "I need to love God more." It only happens by realizing, "God loves me enough." #Hefirstlovedus
  • The issue is God's love for us. Our response is wholly dependent upon us knowing & trusting that love.
  • Forget the "Do you know where you'll go when you die.." line that makes it seem like there is no joy in knowing God in this life.
    Here is a better question:
    Would you rather live fatherless or know your father?
    Now think about this,
    The only way someone would want to live fatherless is if they believe their father is unloving.
  • Alternate translation of John 14:6: " I am The Journey & The Reality & The Life. No one approaches God without having Me alongside."
    • I am your Journey to the Father. I am the Truth that connects you to what is real. I am the Life that strengthens you to go on.
  • If you want heart knowledge listen to hearts.
  • Sometimes we think, "Jesus would do this if He were walking around today" or "Jesus wouldn't do this if He were walking around today." The reality is Jesus IS walking around in today's culture, inside of us. So the question isn't "What would Jesus do today?" or "What wouldn't Jesus do today?" but "Is Jesus guiding me to do something with Him today?
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1/19-22/13 Notes [Jan. 22nd, 2013|05:30 pm]
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  • Don't waste your time justifying your life to others .Spend your time living it and loving it, it is your life. Those who love you will always love you, those who don't never did. -Michele Davis
  • We tend to read scripture as a book that tells us what we are supposed to do & how we are supposed to live, & as sort of an instruction manual. When Paul says to Timothy "all scripture is God breathed" what he really means is, "If you want to hear God you gotta be still & close & quiet, the way you would have to be to hear anybody else breathe." -Greg Paul
  • If you're gonna laugh about it later why not laugh about it now? -Marie Osmond
  • Somebody asked me one time, "Do you see any value to the Sunday Morning Gathering?" I replied somewhat tongue-in-cheek, "Yeah I think that's how God keeps the religious away from infecting the rest of the world." Go meet & stay busy but don't bring out that infecteous idea of what it means to be God's community on the planet. Don't bring that out with all this religious performance, following leadership, & doing what you're told. -Wayne Jacobsen
I think Jesus & the Holy Spirit need to be rescued from religion. I think the difference between religion & God is religion loves conditionally & God loves unconditionally. Religion is active in dictating who God loves & who God doesn't love. Before religion there was God, despite religion there is God, & religion will one day be gone & there will still be God. Human beings will come to understand that we never needed religion in order to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, all we needed to do was use our human voice. I pray & hope that one day we will rescue the Holy Spirit from religion enough to actually get together & call out to it.
The Holy Spirit & Jesus & God have been brought into so much disrepute & made a joke of, particularly by the church. I believe it is important for those people who believe in the Holy Spirit to stand up & defend the honor of the Holy Spirit. When you hear people say, "God said I can blow you up" or "God says, I don't love you because you are gay," you can say "Well no, God didn't say that. Who heard God say that? I didn't hear God say that." -Sinead O'Connor
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My Thoughts of God 1/18/13 [Jan. 18th, 2013|05:18 pm]
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  • Nothing in this world made me repeat sinful acts more, for years & years, than feeling shame. I know of many people with the same experience. Shame is not positive. Shame is what makes people hide from God & be afraid of approaching Him. Shame is what made Adam & Eve hide from God in fear in the garden of Eden.
  • A conqueror is someone who goes out & conquers things. What is more than a conqueror? Someone who is already living by the spoils of the conquest, needing to conquer nothing else. The victory is secure. We are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us. That means we cannot be separated from His love or the spoils of His victory. Knowing Jesus is a victory party.

  • Religion is an abusive "relationship." The same kind people can have with leaders, bosses, parents, & spouses/dating partners. It is a sponge that uses you to soak up blood, sweat, & tears. Abused people stick around because they feel like they need the abuser. The saddest thing is that religion has confiscated the concept of God, who we actually need, & turned him into the abuser promising eternal torment if you don't stick with Him. God does fulfill our needs but only the true God who is love. God doesn't seek to "use" or abuse anyone.

  • How often are we confused or surprised about something we've done wrong or something that has gone wrong? Does knowing a rule that tells us we should have done what we know we already didn't do help us in any way? We need encouragement, love, & acceptance when we fail not a burden that tells us to try harder next time. We learn genuine love by example not by principle.
  • Our Father can give us instructions when we walk with Him whether or not we ever consult a book or another human being. If you don't believe that then you are trusting other things or people more than you trust God.
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1/17-18/12 Notes [Jan. 18th, 2013|05:02 pm]
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  • The power of sin is to tell you you're no good, the power of sin is to tell you're not good enough, the power of sin is to tell you that you lack. Jesus destroyed the power of sin by perfecting us forever in our spirits. You don't have to believe those lies anymore.
  • Shame is a negative opinion of yourself. When you have a negative opinion of yourself in any way then there is shame in your heart.
  • "The plans of the Lord's heart continue firmly into all generations" (Psalm 33:9-11). "God does not make people suffer nor cause them grief from His heart" (Lamentations 3:33).
  • God is competent enough to create a species who doesn't have to refer to a book or another human to tell them how they should feel or behave. -Joshua Guild
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